The main focus of this collection will be on the friendship between the young assassin, Killua Zaoldyeck, and his unprejudiced counterpart, Gon Freecs. Gundam Wing also has a significant presence, being the first anime that inspired me to collect. Unconventional, conflicted, concievably gay and certifiably phsycho bishounen and shoujo are at greatest risk to becoming this hunter's next prey.

I've collected for years, but not always actively. I purchased my first cel (and first major expenditure) at 16 from the animated series Gargoyles. Unfortunately, the hobby is regulated by an inconsistent income, but my affinity for these obscure artworks is unwavering. Or perhaps that's the misfortune. :)

Large scans & departed cels can be accessed in the Private Area. Contact me through the Feedback link if you're interested, or just to make me feel loved. ^^ Read the Weblog for more in-depth news and general fanboying! And if you happen to have original backgrounds for any of these cels that you're willing to share a copy of, I would happily cover the cost! <3

Some descriptions contain minor spoilers that may inspire you to see the show if you haven't yet! And be aware that I'm gay, so please don't give me sh*t if I happen to interpret something differently than you do.

- Jordan

News & Updates

5/30/2016I just felt like mentioning that this gallery is still alive these twelve years since inception, despite the absence of updates. Thank you, rubberslug, for preserving it in-tact all this time. The last decade has been one of massive transition for me on several fronts. Among them, I put an end to a trend of terrible jobs and returned to school. So I'm still poor but possibly becoming more employable in less soul-sucking capacities. As such, I haven't been actively seeking out new articles to add to my precious collection, and I find that when I do take a moment to poke around a bit, the series I collect have become *much* more elusive, as you'd expect. The best place, it seems, to find what I'm after is through other collectors who've decided to dissolve their collections. So, if you are such a person, I am still in the market for anime cels from the following series: Hunter x Hunter (particularly w/Gon & Killua), Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, Utena, Lain, Kino no Tabi, NANA, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin OVA, Kodomo no Omocha (Sana/Hayama), Fruits Basket (Kyo) Hukaru no Go. And if, like me, your tastes are as static as a stone statue sitting quietly in the eye of the storm of civilization, then cheers to you, mate. Cheers to us.
10/20/2004The whole place got a face lift today, beginning with a new name. Check the weblog for details. ^^ I still have the best of my Killua & Gon to upload, and a Killua wishlist cel on the way! Should have the former done by week's end.
10/7/2004Good godess but updating is a slow business. Got Hikaru and most of the Killua cels added today. Two more of those to go, as well as a bunch of Killua & Gon and a couple of misc. @_@
10/6/2004I've made some refinements to the layout and begun the Grand upload. Only two so far. Sleep intermission, then more.

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Gundam Wing | Duo 6/15/2004
Gundam Wing | Hilde 6/15/2004
Gundam Wing | Other 6/15/2004
Gundam Wing | Quatre 6/15/2004
Hikaru no Go 10/6/2004
Hunter x Hunter | Gon 10/15/2004
Hunter x Hunter | Killua 10/24/2004
Hunter x Hunter | Killua x Gon 10/23/2004
Infinite Ryvius 10/14/2004
Kodomo no Omocha 6/15/2004
Wolf's Rain 10/15/2004

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